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StoryWatch becomes your weapon to slay anything standing in your way

Break out of default mode and capture the stories keeping you there. Control your clarity by capturing the stories driving all your actions

StoryWatch gives you

A practical plan that will improve your life immediately
The stories your mind creates are what makes or breaks all your success
increase speed and quality of your decisions
Greater clarity in defining and getting what you really want.
Over three live sessions 1.5hr sessions you will be guided through the 5 modules.
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Life is Short!

1-hour group workshop via Zoom leading you through the entire StoryWatch process. StoryWatch “workbook” with exercises to guide you through the concepts. Notion template to track your stories and progress (see below)
Value: $1,500,000Cost:  Pay what you want

Process: Master the 4 fundamental concepts and leave with a practical plan for immediate measurable impact

All humans have the same creature powerYou’ll learn... • What the ultimate purpose of the human mind is  • How your default survival instincts are keeping you stuck  • What role the heart and emotions play in getting what you want
Everything starts with stateYou’ll learn... • Why some people thrive and others barely survive even though we have the same innate creature power • What  “state” is and how it influences your mind’s stories and ultimately your actions
Capture your storiesYou’ll learn... • What stories have been driving your daily actions  • How those stories are serving you or hindering your success • What you can do to own and change those stories
Gratitude is the foundation of strength You’ll learn... • What makes gratitude so powerful • How you can benefit from it • And how to use gratitude to instantly improve your state

Tying it all together: Integrate StoryWatch into your daily life

You’ll develop a plan for how you’ll use what you’ve learned on a daily basis. With your Notion Dashboard, you’ll have a daily guide that can effortlessly track your stories and measure weekly progress.
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What if I need more 1:1 help?
You can always book extra sessions with our ThirtyTenZero Mechanics to help you work through any roadblocks and answer questions. Click here for more information.

How much work does this take?
StoryWatch is specifically built for people with a low bandwidth who want to maximize their time. The Group Workshop only requires 15 mins of prep before the trainer-led session. Afterward, you can get results by spending under 5 mins daily on your dashboard. But, like with the gym, the more you put in the more you’ll get out.The Private Workshop devotes extra time to customize your experience.

What's the difference between the Group Workshop and the Private Workshop?
StoryWatch Group Workshops:The Group Workshop is an interactive workshop that we host via Zoom at certain times every month. In one hour, one of our ThirtyTenZero Trainers will guide you through the four concepts of StoryWatch. You’ll receive the StoryWatch Workbook and Notion Dashboard to support you on your journey. StoryWatch Private Workshop:The Private Workshop starts with a 2-hour 1:1 session with your ThirtyTenZero Trainer. He/She will fully align the concepts of StoryWatch to the specifics of your life. You’ll also receive the StoryWatch workbook and we’ll help customize the Notion Dashboard to fit your needs. Additionally, you can meet with your ThirtyTenZero Trainer three more times for 20 min to ask questions, fine-tune, and accelerate your implementation. (This option has been phased out. If there's still interest, please reach out to info@thirtytenzero.com to determine availability.)

What if I'm not comfortable sharing my real stories when participating in a StoryWatch Trainings?
You will be able to review the concepts on your own. Videos are included highlighting the key concepts so you can go back to tinker and tighten.

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